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Barsoo Company to maintain and improve the quality of services in order to satisfy the most diverse stakeholders of systems management standards in the world, as well as methods of relevant work experience in the fields of modern technology in the planning of the development and implementation work procedures has been.These systems and tools to systematically Trained in the use of ideas and experiences with colleagues and other organizations such as employers and contractors, and ... Recover and become institutionalized as part of the corporate culture is considered Barsoo.

These systems and tools are divided into three different sections:

Quality Management

Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008 standard in all activities and processes are implemented Barsoo company and the company is proud of internationally accredited third party certification in 1386 by the auditors was (TUV Austria) and obtain the relevant certification has.The system is continuously developed and Vbhbvdhay reform is needed in terms of system components. This system is based on periodic surveys customers with contracts between the results based on their results and track corrective and preventive actions are planned.


Project Management

According to the company Brsv is a project-oriented. Establish a priority-based project management system for the organizations strategic objectives of the company has been Barsoo.In this regard, the Project Management Project Management Association of America (PMI) PMBOK2008 as the reference standard is the standard.Project Management Training Associates can earn a considerable sum, and is now 13 of the managers and experts internationally certified Project Management Professional (PMP) is the limit is a very good professional organizations Niroo Consulting Engineers.The use of software tools and hardware in all areas of day to day operations Barsoo and inevitable, current. Penetration so that hardware companies are Brsv almost any activity without the use of IT to finally finish.These tools are used in the company's core activities, such as software engineering calculation software, economic research and financial planning and control software ... Activities are to support server and infrastructure, as well as office automation software, enterprise portals, corporate, financial and human resources applications and male ...

This set of tools based on a "process" is designed using an "integrated infrastructure" while interacting with each other and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes are working.The most important of these tools include:

1- Portal: MS SharePoint 2010 based on the software and digital content company, manages most of the information systems are as diverse as the sub-portal design and implementation of systems engineering document management, electronic forms, enterprise quality management system documentation database of builders and contractors, planning and control system functions, human resources system, the system situations and ... 2 - Office Automation: Using computer software Faylr Iranian companies and online communication portal and the company's internal e-mail circulated to all schools in 1384 to automate the company manages Barsoo. 3 - Internet connection:Corporate headquarters are located in Tehran last Brsv which uses two high-speed internet connection,All offices of the Project Supervision and Inspection company located in cities and sites are enjoying a good Internet connection, thereby automated systems within the company to use online communication shall be prepared.4- Technical standards: Shrktbrsv by a centralized system of technical standards in the management company is required.Hereby errors caused by invalid or inconsistent application of standards is destroyed.

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