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Start Up of the Hormozgan Steel Complex Start Up of the Hormozgan Steel Complex (Visit Count : 3995)
Barsoo, as main the Consultant of the project, is proud to announce that the Hormozgan Steel Complex is commissioned on May. 2011, for Production of 1.500.000 heavy Slabs (46 tons), in Bandar Abbas City, both for local use and import purposes.

The Plant included Raw material and product handling system, two Direct Reduction Modules, Steel Making and Casting Plant, Sea Water Take up Station, Shunting Yard, and all related Buildings and utilities. The Project had been started on 2006.

Design, manufacturing and construction of the Direct Reduction Plant has been done by Local Contractors (MME, Fulad Paya, etc). Also Design, Manufacturing and Construction works of Steel Making and Casting Plant have been done with cooperation of IRITEC/ Iran and SMS Demag / Italy & Germany.

Barsoo Scope of Works includes Tendering Services, Financial Arrangement, Design Review, Supervision Services, Inspection, Project Management, etc.

Date: 3/17/2015
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